• Megan Wenker

The Bare Minimum in a Vacation Rental Kitchen

I typically advise clients that the minimum you should offer in a vacation rental is what you would find in a 3-star hotel that has a kitchen or kitchenette. As part of my set-up package, I offer a personalized shopping list based on the size and furniture selection in your home.

It’s important to furnish your home with what you and your family need. The recommendations I make here are geared more toward the cost conscious investor and based on the best price for the minimum specification required. Many of these items are specifically called out as amenities on vacation rental websites and it’s important to show potential guest as many amenities as possible.

Coffee Pot – I like to offer a coffee pot that makes both drip coffee and k-cups. The Hamilton Beach Flex Brew is the most cost effective around $100. I have seen this model as low as $78 from Costco on special. The Keurig K Duo and Cuisinart Coffee Center have very similar functionality at higher end pricing from $175-200. If you are looking for a bare minimum coffee pot for a vacation rental you can find a 12 cup drip coffee pot at Walmart for around $25.

First Aid Kit – My favorite first aid kit has all single-use items. There is a nice all-purpose first aid kit on Amazon that has everything for treating minor aches and injuries. I like to keep these in the pantry so they are easily accessible by all guests staying in the home rather than in a bedroom or bathroom.

Can Opener – When you buy a larger set of cooking utensils, there is often a cheap can opener included that quickly breaks. I suggest you spend a little extra here and get a reputable brand that will last and not rust. I personally like a can opener that creates a smooth edge like this OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener. Another good option is a standard can opener from Kitchen Aid.

Wine Glasses and Corkscrew– There are so many wine glass options on the market- stemless, stem, crystal, thick glass, red, white, blush, and variations of each. My top consideration for vacation rental is durability. I like to buy my wine glass from the Dollar Tree. I know this sounds unusual but their glasses seem indestructible and if one ever breaks I can buy just one replacement rather than another set. The best part is they are $1 each. If you prefer to order from Amazon Libbey has a nice set with 6 red and 6 white stem glasses. A bartender’s wine opener can be difficult to use and frustrating when you break the cork. I recommend a wing style corkscrew.

Dishes and Cutlery – As a rule of thumb, you want to provide one place setting for each guest. If you are planning to sleep 10 then I would suggest you provide place setting for 10 or 12. Often dishware is bought in multiples of 4. When selecting the style, look for durability. I personally like a thicker stoneware. We purchased our set from Kohl’s and it’s the Food Network brand. In the first 9 months of our vacation rental we have had 1 bowl break. Our set came in multiples of 8 so for my Valencia that sleeps 10-12, I have 16 place settings. I have considered storing 4 of the place settings in my owner’s closet but for now they are all in the kitchen.

For cutlery, I suggest you look for a set that is either stainless steel or coated in stainless steel. You want it to hold up in the dishwasher and not rust. A 5-piece (dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon, tablespoon, and butter knife) place setting of 12 is probably sufficient for homes that sleep up to 14.

As a minimum for dishes, I would offer a dinner plate, dessert or salad plate, and bowl. The minimum for cutlery would be a fork, knife, and spoon per guest.

Other Kitchen Items:

- Pot set with at least 3 varying pot sizes and fry pan

- Cutting board

- Knife set

- Rubber spatula

- Spatula

- Tongs

- Grater

- Strainer

- Serving spoons

- Measuring spoons and cups

- Mixing bowls

- 4 slice Toaster

- Blender

- Pitcher


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