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  • Megan Wenker

Protecting Furniture Surfaces With Custom Cut Glass

I recently had a guest set a hot pot on a kitchen table ruining the finish. As always my goal is to see what I can add or modify in my vacation rental to prevent something like this from happening again or minimizing the damage. While we do our best to seek financial remedy from the guest for situations like this there are still risks of out of stock or discontinued furniture that was bought in a set. In addition to the kitchen table, there are other surfaces in my house that I would like to protect from excessive wear and tear like the top of my nightstands, desks, and dressers. I will be adding a glass top to my kitchen table and other surfaces to help protect the finish.

Glass is not a perfect solution because it can crack from a hot pot but I think glass is easier and cheaper to replace than furniture that was bought as a set. It will protect from water stains and scratches.

Jones Paint and Glass is the local company who can custom cut glass to specification. I tried to work out a bulk order deal with them for my clients but they were pretty resistant. Contact Todd in the Residential Glass department, tell him I sent you, and hopefully he can extend a small discount for the volume of people I've sent his way. If you are interested in pricing glass to protect the furniture surfaces in your home, please contact Todd for pricing as it's size dependent. I've included information I have on their fees and glass specifications below.

Jones Paint and Glass: 435-673-9644 ext 128 --This is Todd's direct line. If you don't reach his direct line, ask to be transferred to Todd in the Residential Glass department. Fees:

  • $100 delivery fee (I tried to get this waived if we are all delivering within a mile of each other on the same day but they would not budge)

  • $50 pattern fee (if you need it cut to a specific rounded corner that follows the table shape)

  • Each piece of glass will be quoted based on size.

Type of Glass: He recommends table top glass because it has stronger corners and edges for bumping it. It cannot withstand a hot pot though. He said they don't recommend tempered glass because to get a stronger face that can withstand heat you compromise the corners. And when tempered glass breaks it goes into a million tiny pieces. Edge of Glass: He said if we ask for "bumped corners" this will ensure there are no sharp corners or edges. My understanding is that bumped corners are not an upcharge. If you want rounded corners to follow the shape of the table corner, that needs to have a pattern created so they can cut what's called a "radius corner".

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