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  • Megan Wenker

The One-Year Maintenance I Performed at my House

After a year of owning our home, we blocked out a couple of days on our calendar for a maintenance trip. We plan to own our home for years so we do our best to upkeep the home for the long-term.

General Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Touch-up paint and magic eraser scuffs on walls

  • Clean baseboards: scuffs and red dirt/dust

  • Clean the filters on the vacuum cleaner.

  • Steam Mop tile

  • Checked carpets for stains, and schedule carpet cleaning if necessary


  • Clean out hair in shower and tub drains and put enzymes down it.

  • Check anti-slip tape in showers and reinstall if necessary

  • Tighten toilet seats


  • Opened every drawer, remove contents, and wiped it out

  • Check inventory of all items in kitchen

  • Tightened screws on chairs and barstools and checked chair pads

  • Cleaned behind refrigerator

  • Cleaned Oven

  • Cleaned filter for vent hood

  • Cleaned dishwasher filter

  • Cleaned garbage disposal and rubber ring in sink drain

  • Change water filter on refrigerator

Laundry Room:

  • Cleaned dryer vent: filter in dryer, tubing between dryer and wall, and outside vent

  • Cleaned inside of washer

  • Cleaned behind washer and dryer

Garage and Outside Patio:

  • Flushed hot water heater

  • Checked Gas Grill


  • Washed duvet inserts and extra blankets/bedding in the closets

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