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  • Megan Wenker

Operations Software Partnership with VR Scheduler

What does that mean for you?


Peace of Mind

Cleans, Maintenance and all other tasks are automatically scheduled and tracked through Vacation Rental Specific software - significantly increasing accuracy and reducing mistakes.

More Revenue

Automated and route optimized staff schedules mean faster turns and higher occupancy.

Save Time

Integrated with property management platforms like Hostfully to reduce time spent emailing bookings and related errors for rent by owner property owners.


Home Readiness

There is nothing worse than showing up to a dirty property. VRScheduler gives visibility into the status of the homes, and creates schedules and task reports to ensure the staff is on track. All this adds up to ensuring your property is guest-ready when you arrive.

Fewer Issues

Issues are reported, tracked and managed through the VRScheduler property care software so they can be taken care of quickly. Staff can submit found issues immediately right through their phone, and mark issues as urgent so that maintenance can be deployed - well before you even show up!

Amazing Stays

VRScheduler keeps all the background tasks, well, in the background so guests and hosts can focus on what’s most important, amazing stays and experiences.

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