• Megan Wenker

Minimizing the Risk of a Bed Bug Infestation

Updated: Feb 17

This blog post is no more glamorous for me to write than you to read. The risk of bed bugs is real and as nightly rental owners, we need to acknowledge it, talk about it, and minimize it. There are protective coverings for pillows, mattresses and box springs that keep bed bugs out and as a bonus bodily fluids too (while we are talking about things that make us cringe). We sell both pillow and mattress encasements. Email megan@sohostays.com for a quote.

Pillow Encasement

My favorite pillow encasement is the CleanRest Pro Max pillow protector. This absolutely has the minimum requirements to protect the pillow from critters, it's waterproof, and it goes a step further to provide a CDC level 4 virus barrier. How does that sound in marketing material for your property in 2020 and beyond! It has an internal vent that allows air to escape so the waterproof protector does not balloon inhibiting the functionality of the pillow. These are pricy pillow protectors at around $10 each but I view them as an insurance policy for my assets.

A budget friendly pillow encasement is by CleanAir. This pillow protector is both zippered to completely encase the pillow and it's waterproof. The most important factor I looked at in evaluating a second budget friendly option is that the encasement breaths well. Often time the cheaper products on the market will encase the pillow but when you lay your head on the pillow it balloons and loses the natural give a pillow has. The CleanAir encasements start around $8 per pillow based on size and quantity.

Mattress and Box Spring Encasements:

Skip the traditional mattress pad and just buy a mattress protector that fully encases the mattress and zips closed. The features you want to look for are waterproof, blocks bed bugs, and is breathable. Furthermore, you will want to buy these for your mattress AND box springs. If you have a king mattress you likely have two twin box springs so keep that in mind when you order your encasements. We offer mattress and box spring encasements and the price depends on the size and quantity of items ordered.

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